wrong side of the boat

Check out John 21:1-14.

This story comes after Jesus has died and resurrected. He’s appeared to his disciples but this time they don’t recognize him at first. The disciples are out fishing and don’t catch a thing. I imagine they’re frustrated and tired. From the shore, Jesus tells them to try the other side of the boat. They end up hauling in 153 fish in their nets.

God is all about abundance. Abundant love, life, grace, joy. God doesn’t want to give us just enough life to “get by.” Or enough love to “merely survive.” 

Jesus: I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of (John 10:10, Message). 

I need this reminder every week. My default setting is scarcity. There’s not enough time or money. Not enough people to serve in the nursery, youth ministry or help with Kid Jam. 

My eyes are focused on the wrong side of the boat.

Some days I get it right. My heart is in the right place and I see the abundance of people, resources, dreams and ideas. It’s exciting to think about and then see the kind of difference we can make in our community. But when my energy runs low and frustration grows, I need this story. 

How do you focus on scarcity in your life instead of abundance?