why we do this

We need reminded why we do what we do. It’s our job to love everyone, no matter what. To model God’s love. Unconditionally. That’s hard. There are some people who make it easy. But others make it very difficult. We feel ourselves stretched and broken as we grow in our leadership skills. Confrontation in love is intimidating and daunting. Then there are the moments of pure bliss where God taps us on the shoulder and points to a moment. A moment that changes our mood in an instant. A young autistic boy singing along to a song I taught him. A girl craving attention because she doesn’t get it at home. A 1st grade boy asks me, “Miss Jenny, do you like honey? Do you like honey from the tree? Do you like honey from a jar? Do you like honey with your chicken nuggets?” I said yes. He looked at me. And walked away. I choose this path because people never stop amazing me. God never stops amazing me.