umc young clergy project

Time for an update on this UMC Young Clergy project. My school is working to give me elective credit which is great. I do work study for our IT department and from the minute I mentioned this idea, they told me to drop the other things I do for them and work almost 100% on this.

They’ve lent me equipment, given me office space and my own dry erase board! What a blessing…

Meg Lassiat at GBHEM (ordination, young adults, etc.) is interested in supporting this project. I can’t wait to meet with her and others in Nashville to see how to get this in the hands of lots of people.

The overall project has developed into two sections. I’ve put out the call to the over 200 young clergy that signed up on Facebook to submit photos and videos.

I want to publish a photo essay book that has photos answering the statement “I want to be a pastor because ______.” I also want to include “a day in the life of a young pastor.” I hope high school and college students will get this book and really SEE themselves as a pastor.

One reason we have a young clergy shortage is because many churches stopped voicing a possible call in youth. Adam Hamilton at Church of the Resurrection mentioned they get their 150 7th grade confirmands together and ask them to point to others who might be a good pastor. Then anyone who might be interested fills out a card and they’re trained as they grow up. By high school, they’re speaking and doing visitation. They have a goal to send out 200 people for ministry in the next 5 years. The second part of the project will be the documentary. I’m overwhelmed with all the great footage as I try to wade through it. I’m starting to see a story emerge that will be fun to convey.

I need a 2-3 minute preview done by next Wednesday to show our Board of Trustees. So hopefully you’ll see something soon. 🙂 Well, if I can ignore my computer long enough to finish an exegesis essay for Dr. Watson!

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