umc young clergy

i love creativity. so unpredictable, chaotic and beautiful.

i had a great friend in college who was an artist. she often experienced a creativity block when a big project was due. she often stayed up all night before it was due because an idea finally worked.

yesterday i was driving home from a day in cincinnati with my husband (we visited our first IKEA store…wow!). i wondered what websites there are for young clergy to connect and discuss some of our concerns & dreams. then i later wondered if i could shoot a documentary where people of all ages get a chance to share their thoughts. there’s something about the power of film. it tells us something we can’t hear from others. 12 hours later…

Check out Join this Facebook group to get more info about being in the documentary. Join UMC Young Clergy on Facebook.

Storyboard is started. Applied for Media Credentials at GC.

If you’re going to be at General Conference, let me know. We’ll start filming there.

May this project help continue this discussion. Only when we’re honest and transparent, will change start to happen.

UPDATE: As of April 12 – 40 people signed up to help! April 13 – 60 people!! April 13 – 81 people! April 15 – 96 people! April 16 – 125 people! April 17 – 145 April 20 – 180 Connected with UM Communications in Nashville Support from United Theological Seminary Support from pastor at Church of the Resurrection Support from many bishops in the US Support from Young Clergy Support from Lovett Weems & Ann Michal who wrote The Crisis of Young Clergy

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