Tug of War + Fighting With Creativity

I’m at war with something A thing I’m trying to create Mold Form Bend to what I see

So I pick up my end of the rope Find a good grip and tug There’s resistance Tightness An unrelenting tension

I glare at the ground As my shoes dig into the dirt My hands ache and burn Sweat drips to the earth

In desperation I look up And see a surprising sight The thing smiles Right at me

And drops the rope

I fly backwards with Embarrassment and confusion Resentment and anger

I prop myself up and look at The thing Still smiling An irritatingly truthful and honest Smile

Then she whispers,

My child. I want to exist through you You are the one I’ve chosen To partner with in this world But I need you to stop tugging at me Let me be

Make space and I will emerge When I’m ready

While you wait and practice patience, Work on yourself Untangle your tapes Your limiting beliefs Your hang ups And when I sense it’s Safe enough to meet you, I will.

I promise.

#creativity #discernment #resistance