transformation & unlearning

“Transformation is often more about unlearning than learning.”

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page yesterday and it’s been running through my mind ever since. Do you agree? Disagree?

I find I naturally think of transformation happening when I’ve added something to my life. When I began a new positive behavior…when a new person came into my life…when I spent time with God. I saw those as additions and new learnings.

Transformation is about change. And Lord knows I’ve experienced a lot of change from unlearning bad habits and pulling myself out of some deep ruts. There have been choices and ways of being that honestly were sinful. They distracted and distanced me from God.

I appreciate the nudge to view transformation as both an unlearning and a learning. I don’t want to be so quick to run from the awkwardness of facing something I need to unlearn. Because it could lead to a kind of transformation I’m longing for.