time to start commissioning questions…

This morning I’m sitting down to start answering the questions to become a commissioned member of the United Methodist Church. That means I can get an appointment in a church while I spend a couple years in probationary/residency status. Then I would be ordained a full elder in the United Methodist Church.

For those of you who’ve followed this blog since I began seminary, it’s been a long journey! I’m sensing the importance of these questions as I discern what to write. I’m reminded of the seriousness and importance of helping people in their walk with God. I don’t take this lightly and am honored to spend the next several months reflecting and writing on these issues…

My understanding of God


Humanity & grace

Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit

Kingdom of God, resurrection & eternal life


Nature & mission of the church

United Methodist polity

My gifts for ministry

Servant ministry


Inclusive church

Integrity & spiritual disciplines

Whew 🙂 I’ll be working on these until I go before the Pacific Northwest Conference in February in Seattle. Here goes…