"This is big!"

A few days ago, my 9-year-old daughter sprinted into her little brother's bedroom as we moved through our goodnight rhythms. With a huge smile on her face, she exclaimed, "Mom, this is big!"

I smiled and nodded. "What happened?" I replied.

She looked down at her left hand and snapped her fingers together.

I paused, waiting for the big thing. She grinned.

Oh, that was it.

Then I remembered. "You've been working on snapping for a long time! Congratulations!"

Her smile overwhelmed her face with beauty. The pride, determination, and payoff lit up her face. She did it.

My daughter gifted me a moment of palms up that evening. An invitation to show up and pay attention to the things we think are small. Insignificant. The things we gloss over out of unconscious habit. When we seek to show up and pay attention to our lives, we practice noticing the small things. We watch them turn into big things. Celebrations. Dances of joy. They shimmer with beauty here to sustain us.

Raindrops on green leaves.

Sun shining through the window.

Marshmallow clouds.

Hugs on a hard day.

Sabbath rest.

Squirrels running on the fence.

Cold January sunset evenings.

Somewhat clean kitchen counters.

Quiet meditation spaces.

Kids learning to snap their fingers.

I wonder what you might notice in your world today. Here's to showing up and paying attention. Palms wide open. Breathing deeply of the many gifts patiently waiting to be opened today.