things i wonder

warning: unfiltered, raw, unprocessed thoughts of a 26-year-old preaching student ahead

Things I Wonder…

How do you determine if a sermon was successful? My gut says life change.

How do you measure that? One way is stories of transformation. Many times I’ll hear those right after a worship service. Those moments are amazing. I hope I never get used to the fact that God speaks to people through us. What a responsibility. 

Here’s where I’m challenging myself: is the sermon still successful when you don’t hear any of those stories? (Granted, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t life change just because you didn’t hear about it) But if preachers are used to hearing those stories, don’t those moments become a standard for whether you’re successful?

I’m hoping this is simply a growth and maturing issue as a student becomes a pastor. Or maybe this is something preachers struggle with on a normal basis?

Is our ego & confidence measured by the stories of life change we hear? 

Is it the sign of a healthy mature preacher to prepare & share a message and their confidence rest in the fact they said everything God led them to say? That’s all they should need, right? Where do people’s stories fall in this?

got any answers? 🙂