The Palms Up Path Is Open!

The contemplative stance that's captured my heart since 2010 when Dr. Elaine Heath shared it in a classroom at a church in Chugiak, Alaska, is taking form in something we call the Palms Up Path.

It's a four-week exploration into fear, control, and letting go.


I wish we could fix those things in four weeks. I'm afraid it's a lifelong journey. Which makes the palms up path a beautiful thing to experience. It's a framework, a rhythm, a structure that can hold our lives. A palms up posture invites us to breathe deeply of the moments right in front of us. The ones we'd rather avoid.

If you've been in a season lately that feels a bit...fuzzy, I'm with you.

Maybe you're holding some tension. Some fear. Some grief. I think most of us are.

Instead of pushing it away, let's spend four weeks gently and boldly asking new questions of our lives. Let's show up, pay attention, cooperate with God, and release the outcome.

We've been beta testing the Palms Up Path since last fall and it's beautiful to see the feedback roll in:

The Palms Up Path is great for anyone looking to slow down and get real with God and others. The lessons are short but in-depth, and I learned the importance of Showing Up, Paying Attention, Cooperating with God, and Releasing the Outcome. All of those things are so important, especially when things feel uncertain. The combination of faith, psychology, and practical wisdom is so valuable!​

Another friend shared: If you are seeking to know your heart, feed your soul, meet God in the still, thin places, then the Palms Up Path is for you.

We start September 9. Here's all the details. Want to join us?