Ten Things I Hope For You

I shared this with my Marysville UMC family on our last Sunday together. I hope these things for you too.

Wild curiosity

About your life, about others, about the Divine. Practice a learning posture and you’ll be endlessly fascinated with the world around and inside you.

Holy anger

Get angry at God. Make this thing a real relationship. Care enough to get mad. Then maybe you’ll get honest. And God can do something with that.

Playful Sabbath

May your rest and play interrupt our incessant hustle culture. Put your to-do list down, not because it’s finished, but because rest and play will save you.

Bold belief

God’s dreams for us are ridiculous. Dream bigger.

Look at your fear

It holds the keys to everything you’re hiding from. Deciding to look at the fear will lead you to your freedom. Which leads to our freedom.

Follow Jesus into liberation

Commit every single day to anti-racism work in yourself and the structures that surround you. There’s another story at work, one that some of us aren’t forced to notice very often. Choose to show up and pay attention as Spirit invites us to catch up.

Ask that question

Ask the insanely difficult questions you think everyone is afraid to ask out loud. They’re waiting for someone to ask first. Be that person.

Blow up your concept of prayer

Over and over and over again. There are countless ways to listen and talk with God. Don’t lock yourself into the one way that worked in your previous life.

Commit to a group of people

Everything changes when faith is lived out in community. Resist individualism. Release pride. Practice vulnerability. Comfort and challenge each other.

Open those hands

Unclench your tight fists trying to control it all. It’s exhausting. Be free. Let go.