Single-Tasking from

  1. start work right away each morning

  2. minimize interruptions, feed reading, chat/IM

  3. maximize working on one thing at a time

  4. use phone or in-person visit for roadblocks or questions (not chat)

  5. send email anytime

  6. check email only at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm

  7. no email evenings or weekends

  8. focus on 1-3 activities each day

  9. log 1-3 updates each day

  10. stop work at 6pm, no exceptions

This is ideal for some industries, like designers and creatives. This schedule was created to avoid interruptions & distractions.

How does this work for people in ministry? We’re taught that ministry is about the interruptions.

Ministry or not, how are you at single vs. multi-tasking? Is multi-tasking really that effective?