seminary graduation

I’m too tired to write much but felt the need to document this day. 🙂

I graduated with my Master of Divinity this afternoon.

It’s been a great three years. Highlights from today:

  1. My grandpa flew in from South Carolina to surprise me!

  2. Brunch with Aaron, mom, grandma, my uncle and grandpa

  3. Talking to dad on the phone before ceremony started

  4. Bishop Ough’s sermon

  5. Getting my diploma

  6. Seeing three of our teens who sat through the whole service for me!

  7. A big hug from my mom after the ceremony

  8. Not passing out during the ceremony from the heat 🙂

  9. A fantastic party afterwards at our house

  10. Great help from Jason, Emily, mom and grandma 

  11. Phone calls with my brothers

  12. Thoughtful gifts from great friends

  13. Foooooood!

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me during this part of my journey. No one does this alone. 

Thank you.

p.s. We found a new home for our dog Callie tonight. She’s been having some issues and we’ve decided it’s time for her to find a new home. Difficult and sad decision. She’ll be leaving us tomorrow. 😦