Seattle pics & highlights

more pics here and here Our Seattle Highlights: Monday

  1. We took a shuttle to our hotel & decided to walk the 2 miles to the Pacific Northwest Conference office

  2. Met with Bishop Hagiya, Pat Simpson (Seattle DS), David Valera (DCM), Patrick Scriven (Conference Youth & Young Adults), Cara Scriven (young clergy) & Elizabeth Schindler (young clergy)


  1. We caught a bus from the hotel to downtown Seattle – we were proud of ourselves for figuring out the transfers and bus etiquette

  2. We did the Seattle Center, Experience Music Project & Sci-Fi Museum, took the monorail to Westgate for lunch, Pike’s Place Market and took a very cool Underground tour

  3. We caught the 4:20 ferry to Bainbridge Island to visit Linda, one of Aaron’s relatives


  1. We hiked through the Grand Forest – a very cool rain forest

  2. We drove to Pt. Townsend and walked on the coast & through the town

  3. We ate lunch at Nifty 50s 🙂

  4. We tried a self-guided driving tour but that dissolved into laughter & confusing directions

  5. Back at Linda’s house, the sun came out and I just HAD to take a picture on the back deck. We went outside and accidentally closed the locked door behind us! We spent an hour and a half on the back deck. The irony being that we waited all week for sun and when it arrived, we were forced to enjoy it!


  1. Caught the 8:45am ferry back to Seattle – absolutely beautiful morning

  2. Took the bus back to the airport

  3. We had to run in the Houston airport to catch our flight to Dayton and we ended up waiting an hour and a half for our flight attendant to show up

Seattle was great and the people were very friendly and laidback. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to experience life there.