rev. rudy rasmus

We’re listening to Rev. Rudy Rasmus right now in morning worship. He’s really energizing the people in this place.

  1. Realities keep us from seeing the miracles

  2. People lie around the truth but don’t get in (lepers lying by water in John)

  3. People blinded by distortions people have told them about themselves

  4. Blind not because you can’t see, but because your eyes haven’t been opened to the miracle God has placed in your life

  5. We too often operate our churches as religious spa managers and priestly pool pimps We’re not really concerned about people getting to walk on their own We keep people comfortable around the pool, its good business

  6. What are you waiting for? Waiting for a miracle to occur so you can move into water and be healed?

  7. What are you waiting for before you become the church God has purposed you to be?

  8. Stop waiting for economy to get better, serve the needs of our community right now in this economy, stop waiting for good weather to invite those outside

  9. Stop waiting for your next appointment, start working in yours now, you’ve been in 3 or 4 appointments and the only common denominator is YOU

  10. Is our only purpose for existing to keep the blind lame? We are addicted to becoming spa managers

  11. The most critical case in the room – Jesus is sitting next to you right now “I called you into ministry…how can you operate if you’re fearful?”

  12. We call it welfare, but no one gets well

  13. The way we form our truth comes from many sources

  14. We are not well, we’re in decline, because we’ve been satisfied with the same crowd around the pool for as many years as we have managed the pool, but not until we’ve become dissatisfied with the way our pools are being managed

  15. Jesus asks, “do you want to be made well?” “Hell, yes.”

  16. We limit our expectations because in many situations we have never seen Jesus do it ourselves

  17. Our expectation will connect with his ability to deliver

  18. Difference between a mid-life crisis and a mid-life transition