NYWC – Managing Your Ministry

Managing Your Ministry – Ginny Olson

God was an organizer – water, sky, day, night Sabbath

Mess = lack of order

Who spends more time looking for things? Messy or neat people? == Neat people because they store things out of sight

When you don’t have a clear mission/vision, the team all thinks they’re going the right direction

General Planning

1. Choose a system – physical or digital calendar

2. Short-range planning

  1. Take 15-30 minutes at start of the week to plan out your week

  2. Review unfinished work from previous week

  3. Review upcoming calendar

3. Sanity-saving tip

  1. Don’t open your email for the first hour of the day

  2. Otherwise you immediately have little things coming at you

  3. Instead, start your day working on a project, you’ll feel accomplished and feed off that productivity the rest of the day

4. Prioritize

  1. A = Critical, must get done today

  2. B = Important, but not due today

  3. C = Unncessary

  4. We spend most of our time doing unnecessary things

5. We get nibbled to death by…

  1. Emails & texts

  2. Crisis situations

  3. Junk mail

  4. Lack of a good filing system

  5. Talking with people too much

  6. Use the “away from office” function in your email when you’re gone

  7. Change your voicemail often, say when you’ll check it next

  8. Get out of your office a day each week for prayer, planning, study, evaluation

  9. Schedule time for things you tend to avoid

  10. Respond rather than react to crisis – Your crisis doesn’t mandate my crisis

Long-Range Planning & Event Planning outlines – let me know if you want those!