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Duane did a great job tonight talking about what “our stuff” has to do with our legacy.

  1. Legacy is more than our stuff

  2. Leaving a legacy is transferring the gifts, blessings & life lessons

  3. When my stuff becomes my God, part of me dies

  4. We keep thinking I’ll get to that in 6 months, a year, etc. In life, things never settle down.

  5. We’re so busy making a living, that we stop making a life

  6. What single word sums up my life?

  7. When the game’s over, it all goes back in the box

  8. Contentment is a learned skill

I shared that one of my road blocks to God is the internet. It fills up more of my time than it should. Yet I justify it because I also use it in redeeming ways (helping churches, encouraging teens on myspace, etc.).

I love Twitter because I get to see the little funny things about people’s day. I post random thoughts, things I’m doing and links. Then I follow about 10 people right now from around the country as they go through day. Mark Batterson is a pastor in DC, Kem Meyer is the communications director at Granger, Perry Noble is a pastor at NewSpring, and Andrew Conard is a friend from Church of the Resurrection. I’m inspired each time I glance at my twitter feed to see how these church leaders spend their day. When they comment on what God’s teaching them, it reminds me to draw close to God as well. Loving it!

You can see my Twitter posts here, set up your own and start following others!

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