my mission statement

My Mission Statement

I will spend my entire life:

  1. Making disciples for Jesus Christ

  2. Creatively communicating Jesus’ message of radical love in relevant ways

  3. Seeking excellence and efficiency but also recognizing the beauty of chaos

  4. Claiming my strengths and empowering others to serve in their giftedness

  5. Seeing obstacles as opportunities

  6. Deeply valuing and affirming my teammates and their gifts for leadership

  7. Leading with a contagious hope placed in the fact that God is still working

  8. Remembering God employs goofy people like us

  9. Seeing everything as an experiment

  10. Believing tension & conflict are necessary for real growth

  11. Communicating a clear vision for where we are going

  12. Saying no so my yes means something

  13. Helping people far from God to experience Christ’s love, inner transformation and be unleashed to change their part of the world

  14. Challenging people on the very tough words of Jesus

  15. Thriving in transparency and accountability

  16. Knowing failure is the first step to God and the next step to a great idea

As of October 2008…