mission trip thoughts

I am supposed to be preparing a sermon for this weekend on Legacies. Instead I have let the internet distract me and here I am posting on our week in Indianapolis. Also important. Highlights:

  1. great people at Castleton UMC and Helping Hands Metro Ministries

  2. awesome facility – bedrooms, showers, living spaces for work teams and a homeless program

  3. Gloria Adams – a 77 year old walking miracle – she has 8 children, 33 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and 16 great-great grandchildren…and she wanted to adopt us!

  4. Aaron, Anna, Sara, Kimmy & Hannah were a great team

  5. Stillwater supporting with extra gifts

  6. Gave my 118 tickets and Aaron’s 142 Chuck E Cheese tickets away to 2 kids…they were SO excited

  7. Able to give some extra money to Gloria – those tears said it all

  8. Painted 3 rooms and a stairwell in 2 days

  9. Chuck e Cheese, movies, swimming, soccer, and lots of food

Okay…on to this sermon. What are the legacies that have been left to us? What can we learn from them? What will we pass on? Why does this even matter…

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