I’m part of a small group class that meets every Wednesday morning. Our facilitator taught us some basics of meditation yesterday and challenged us to add it to our routine each day. I woke up this morning and knew I should probably try it before I sat down to my computer. But the draw of checking my email was too strong. 😦 God give me strength 🙂 So after checking my email and Facebook (geez!), I waited until Callie left the room and I sat down in one of our comfy green living room chairs. I planted both feet on the floor, turned my palms up on my legs, and closed my eyes. We were to try it for 5 minutes at first. We are to breathe in deeply from the “stove of our stomach” and breathe out through the “fire of our heart.” That alone takes a couple minutes to master! I then found my thoughts all over the place. It’s extremely hard to quiet our minds! As the thoughts enter, we are to quietly dismiss them and continue on. I was doing okay and just focusing on my breathing until I realized….oh I should share this in my blog! Then I was done for. I glanced at the clock and I had actually made it 5 minutes. But oh do I have a long way to go!

#breathing #meditation