lessons flying home

I am a bright person. But I continue to find myself in situations where my common sense seems to take a vacation. I flew back to Ohio from Ft. Worth on Friday evening. We had a rough shuttle van ride to the airport. You know the driver that uses the brake like a piano pedal. Every 3 seconds. So a DS from Yellowstone conference offered me a dramamine and that helped. Then of course I got very sleepy and was looking forward to resting on the first flight. I got through security (video camera, camera, laptop & everything) and stopped by Taco Bell. I proceeded to drink an entire Mountain Dew. Seriously. I now know that completely erases the effects of Dramamine. I also paid for one of those carts because I had too much stuff to carry by myself. I put in $3 and thought that was a lot but I had no choice. I got through security and was in line for my flight and realized I forgot to put the cart back. When I arrived in Dayton, I saw a cart return and noticed I would have gotten $2 back! This may be obvious to you but I just don’t think about these things at the time! I wonder if someday my common sense will return…



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