I Love You, Man

Aaron and I saw I Love You, Man today. Wasn’t the best movie in the world but we decided it also wasn’t the worst we’d ever seen. Once in college, Aaron, Justin and I somehow ended up watching Boat Show. Definitely worst movie ever. 

Anyways, the movie was all about making friends once we’re adults. It got us talking about how easy it was to make friends in college. There was always someone ready for a late-night trip to the beach or restaurant. Always a friend next door willing to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Easy to find someone ready for a trip to Walmart.

Then we all graduated. A lot of us got married. We moved away from each other. Started new jobs and lives. 

No one prepared me for how difficult it would be to make new friends after college.

Aaron and I have come to depend on each other for just about everything. The movie got us talking about the value of friendships outside of marriage as well. 

We must be intentional about investing in relationships. They don’t just happen. It takes phone calls, emails and time together.

Do you have a close friend (outside of marriage & family) who you trust and you can share life with?