I Have Some Things To Tell You

On my daughter’s first day of kindergarten, I heard an early morning whisper by my bed. “Mom, it’s time!”

Today I woke up early and whispered to myself, “it’s time!”

“I Have Some Things Tell You” officially meets the world today!

Into a chaotic season of pandemic, transition, unrest, and pain, comes this story of what it means to face our fear, especially the fear we’ve kept so close, we don’t know it exists. 

Into a world in desperate need of self-reflection, honest lament, and brave new questions comes this story of questioning what we assumed to be true.

This story is for my kids. One day they’ll understand how their mom got her joy.

This story is for my husband as we continue to transform our relationship.

This story is for Marysville United Methodist Church as we say goodbye in a difficult way.

This story is for pastors looking for new ways to lead with transparency and vulnerability.

This story is for anyone who wrestles with anxiety and is looking for a different way to relate to the fear.

This story is for anyone with loss and grief and in transition. You’re not alone. 

This story is for leaders who question the way it’s been done. Maybe there’s a new way to lead where we get to flourish too.

Happy birthday to you, my little book! May you dance out into a hurting world and offer what you can give.

I believe in you!