gathering on miller lane

I met with our leadership team for The Gathering and we’re becoming fast friends. Our new website is live and we got listed on the UMC site for examples of young adult ministries around the country.

We’re working on a documentary about what it’s like to be a twentysomething in our world today. We’re still asking young adults to fill out this survey to be included in this project. Quarter Life Crisis: The Film.

Right now we’re meeting on Wednesday nights at our house. We’re starting on Saturday, January 5th in our new building. In January we’ll have multi-sensory, creative worship gatherings on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. We have a coffee house and small groups on the 2nd & 4th. Then when there are 5th Saturdays, we’ll participate in a service/mission project in Dayton.

I’m SO passionate about getting twentysomethings together in one place. We need to feel and understand we’re not alone. We’re getting married later, experiencing more job changes and in greater debt than any generation before us. We’re told to find a job we LOVE, not just for the money. But our parents are mad we keep changing careers and “starting over.” We want to take risks but are paralyzed with fear of failure. And don’t get me started on how differently we communicate than any generation in the history of the world…

i love ministry 🙂

Gathering on Miller Lane – check it out and tell me what you think!

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