freedom just tip toed in the door

This is written for my friends who want to let go and trust and it all just feels like too much. Especially for the ones who’ve said yes to God in the past. The 2nd, 40th and 153rd times can feel impossible. I’m with you.

Surrender sounds weak

Pointless Out of control I need a plan A guarantee If I let this go What will happen? Will I tumble into the abyss? Stop breathing?

They say “just have faith” But what if you don’t really trust What’s on the other side of surrender? I can’t see Can’t feel it Maybe there’s nothing there

When the pain swallows me up And I hit the wall I come to the end of myself and I whisper What if there is something there? What if the stories are true? What if I don’t want to be in control anymore?

Shhh. Do you hear that?

Freedom just tip toed in the door.