florida heat

i decided i must record my feelings about florida summers now so that when i’m shivering in the ohio winter, i’ll be reminded why we chose a seminary in ohio. 🙂 its around 90 degrees today. i step outside and am enveloped in heat. its not an enjoyable dry heat either. i’m sweating by the time i sit down in my car. my air conditioning is going strong about 2 miles down the road. then i can function again. except i’m unable to touch the steering wheel in fear of 3rd degree burns. i guess it teaches me….patience? psh. it has taught me to strive to be content wherever i am. yes i’m the happiest during fall sweatshirt weather. but i’ve learned to appreciate the sweltering heat rising off the desert-like beach sand on cocoa beach. and maybe just because i think i SHOULD appreciate it since others pay big money to vacation here. 🙂 however, it might be worth a long weekend ticket during the chilly ohio winter to feel the absolute heaven that is a florida winter. 🙂 definitely.