Do you have a secret language?

Recently I’ve gotten to spend more time with United Methodist pastors. We’re an interesting group. Our hearts are in the right place. We care a great deal for helping people grow closer to God. But I’ve noticed something about this people group that’s true about all other people groups.

We have a secret language. And we enjoy it.

If you spend time with airline pilots, scientists, computer techs, teachers, doctors, engineers, politicians, etc. you might feel left out as soon as they start talking about their industry.

There’s something about having knowledge that others don’t that makes us feel good about ourselves.

But there’s also something about humility. I deeply admire people who have a lot of knowledge and experience in a field, but you wouldn’t know it by hearing them. They care more about who they’re talking with.

It drives me CRAZY when someone feels left out.

Ever since jr. high and high school, I can’t stand when someone is standing around looking confused or lonely. I’ll do anything I can to draw them into the conversation. I love helping community to form. The moment someone feels the belong is powerful. Someone cares about them.

Do we care more about us belonging?

Or about others feeling welcomed, comfortable and included?

#belonging #secretlanguage