Day 4

  1. Most people want to do Bible study, not discipleship

  2. Christians think cloning is immoral, yet we spend all our energy cloning successful churches – be who God made you to be

  3. A pastor is not a position; it’s a function in the church, not more or less important


  1. For the leader of the movement, preaching becomes the #1 priority of the week

  2. Great leaders move people through clear communication

  3. People who accomplish great things are moved by the heart

Dynamics of Missional Preaching

  1. Biblical

  2. Prophetic – creates tension & growth happens in tension

  3. Personal – how God comes to me

  4. Self-revealing

  5. Contemporary – must do biblical AND cultural exegesis

  6. Evangelistic – how is Jesus the center of the Word I bring today?

  7. Motivational – motivates to sacrificial action

  8. Call to Commitment – what am I supposed to do with this?

Why do we preach? To connect people to God in their lives

  1. I don’t know if you believe in God, but God believes in you

  2. Do ministry with the people -> the people do ministry with you -> the people do ministry

Money Matters

  1. Two myths about money in the church: they talk too much about money and people don’t want to give

  2. Sometimes instead of serving people, we’re serving a budget or institution

  3. Jesus never used people to finance an institution, he wanted to liberate people from any type of bondage they’re in

  4. Most churches don’t know how to tie money talk into people’s felt needs

  5. Ginghamsburg’s attendance increases during their month-long money series (becomes 3rd highest attended month)

  6. It’s not that people don’t want to give; they don’t want to give to something that doesn’t matter

  7. We’re created to give; we’re never more like God than when we’re giving

  8. We don’t know how to give because of the burden of debt

  9. Goal is to turn consumers into creators

  10. It’s not about making more, it’s about what you choose to do with what you have

  11. God does miracles with what people already have in their hands

  12. People live not out of a healthy fear of God, but by the daily headlines

  13. Why does a loving God allow children to starve? God doesn’t. We do. We’re the only hands and feet God has.

  14. Live more simply, so that others may simply live.

  15. Giving is a matter of heart health

  16. Big churches get big by changing the no-no’s of ministry

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