Day 2 of my Missional Church class

Things I’ve learned from Mike Slaughter, the people of Ginghamsburg and God. (wish I had a link for God..)

  1. Must be willing to leave some people behind to reach more people

  2. Lead in truth; don’t just respond to the opinion of the congregation

  3. Am I willing to bet my life on what I believe?

  4. The success or failure of a church comes down to leadership

  5. The landscape is cluttered with the corpses of people who failed in self-leadership

  6. Two of the critical values in our culture and speed & innovation, it has created a culture of hurry. “I’m a dangerous person when I miss that time with God.”

  7. Our devotion time with God reminds of who I am and whose I am.

  8. I must stop using the Word for my purposes and let the Word use me.

  9. I need to feel secure in God, not necessarily my job.

  10. Relationships are formed in the margins of life – if my schedule is full, I miss so much.

  11. Many of us have great missional passion but we often hand hold the upper middle class

  12. Minimize brick, maximize mission

  13. A leader’s job is to continue to paint a promising picture of the future

  14. Must create a culture of service from the very beginning – it’s an expectation

  15. The pastor’s job is to identify people’s burning bushes and throw fuel on them

  16. Being a servant isn’t an option

  17. You can’t be all things to all people – we try to be relevant to unchurched AND appease insider – define who you’re trying to reach

  18. God values devotion over busyness – how much of our ministry is busyness?

  19. When you’re not in the Word, you’ll make mistakes based on other people’s judgments

  20. There’s no throw away conversations

  21. It’s not about how to get the world into the church; it’s about getting the church into the world.

  22. True renewal is not how many people are coming, but how many are acting justly


Picture of the Day:

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