david crowder & david lott

as some of the songs played, i was overwhelmed with thoughts and images of what praising God in heaven might look and feel like. tears streamed down my face as i pictured david standing next to me and worshipping God with all he has.

it was so wonderful to watch david play guitar and worship. my heart melts and crumbles when i think about him. i miss him so much. i still don’t believe he’s gone. i miss him for all he’s missing with alisha. i miss him for all he’s missing with aaron. i miss him for his family. why is life like this? why are the people we love so dearly taken away before we’re ready? i feel so helpless.

the rest of the concert was good. we didn’t realize there was no seating so we got to stand for almost 4 hours. we also realized how old we felt! our backs hurt, the music was loud, our feet hurt, etc. what’s happening to us?!?

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