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Aaron and I just returned from a Church Planting Tune-Up conference in Columbus with Leroy and Marie, two of the pastors at Stillwater. Here’s some things to think about in regards to planting brand new churches, working in multi-site churches and general church life… It’s surprising how quickly pioneers become settlers. Inconsistent church attendance is NOT a reflection of the person’s heart, it’s a reflection of our culture. Many people are fully devoted to God and cannot make it into the physical church building every single Sunday. People may be fully committed even though their butt isn’t in the seat. I want to help create more spiritual resources for people to use outside of the church building. In the first 3-4 years, it takes 2 people to reach one. After 7 years, it takes 17 people to reach one person. After 10 years, it takes 72 people to reach one. The question should be: how are we going to add the next 10 people? Not the next 200, just think the next 10. Want to inspire your congregation? It’s one thing for the 20-year-old to stand up and talk of the faithfulness of God then for the 70-year-old to do it. There were so many great points and ideas. Good stuff! I’ve always thought I’d graduate seminary and get a church out in the country as my first appointment. It’s exciting to see West Ohio embracing the idea of church planting in the Methodist church…

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