Avoidance always leads to sameness

Nancy Ortberg: Here’s the problem: Avoidance always leads to sameness. Things don’t change, our organization stagnate, people are not transformed, and gossip runs rampant because no one likes to hold a grudge all by him or herself. It’s much more fun when we have others around us who share our righteous indignation.

Sameness leads to artificial harmony. Pseudo-community.

Conflict has the power to move us to deep community, the kind of community we dream about, and the kind of community that changes who we are and what we do.


Well said. So many of us avoid conflict with all we’ve got. When will we learn that conflict handled in a healthy way leads to deeper community? We’re missing a depth of community by not engaging the awkward and tough conversations.

Who are you avoiding? What issue doesn’t seem worth the awkwardness? Talk to them. Ask God to give you the words.

You might be surprised.

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