a new adventure

It’s been awesome to watch the new campus ministry at University of Alaska-Anchorage unfold. Every conversation reveals another couple feet of the path we’re on. We’re comfortable not knowing exactly where we’re going. I’ve rarely experienced so much joy at not knowing the outcome!

Aaron and I are beginning a new adventure where I’m seeking a similar goal. We get to welcome our first child into the world this January! We’re officially due January 3, 2012. I’m at 15 weeks today. The every day nausea is easing up, I’m starting to show a bit and my energy is returning. We announced it at our churches and on Facebook this past Sunday. What a joy to have people from different parts of our lives express their excitement. I’m also excited my loved ones get to become aunts, uncles, grandparents & great-grandparents for the first time! 

I haven’t spent a lot of time with young children in my life. I don’t know a lot about diapers, car seats or baby food. But I’m okay with that. Aaron and I will figure it out. We’ve got lots of people to help us. Every experience, book and conversation reveals a little more of the new path we’re on. 

Here’s to not needing to know every detail and rejoicing in the beauty of the present moment!