Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Jenny. I love words and the power they have to challenge, question, inspire, heal, and bring freedom. So glad you're here!

I grew up in Ohio, Alaska, and Florida, before moving to Washington in 2015.

I’m married to Aaron and we somewhat keep up with our two children, 9-year-old Isabella and 6-year-old Wesley. These three keep me grounded, dancing, and joyful. Seriously, just the other day I found myself dancing to the Trolls movie soundtrack in the kitchen while making spaghetti. They teach me more about love than just about anyone I know. Especially when I’m awful at it.

My other loves: breakfast food, swimming, paddle boarding, trying new recipes on Pinterest, photography, and reading. I feel most myself when I’m by the ocean or a lake. You should probably know (or you’re about to figure out fairly quickly) that I’m an Enneagram One. I’ve tried to change numbers but you know, it’s who I am. I’m slowly learning to accept it.

I'm passionate about energizing local churches around compelling God-sized visions, sustainability, healthy leadership, and liberating people to face their fear, follow Jesus, and live an active contemplative life. 

I've served in ministry roles at eight United Methodist Churches in Ohio, Alaska, Florida, and Washington. I served a term on the National Council of Churches, graduated from Florida Southern College (B.A. in Religion, 2005), and United Theological Seminary (M. Div. 2010). I enjoy serving on the Pacific Northwest Conference’s Board of Ordained Ministry and love serving as a retreat facilitator and guest speaker. 


I'm a writing pastor and beyond thrilled to birth a new book into the world! "I Have Some Things To Tell You: A Pastor Says Goodbye During a Pandemic” is available now on Amazon. 

In between “educating” our kids and pack
“In the midst of darkness, love persists
This is the face of a woman who stopped