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“Jenny has the amazing ability to write from a perspective that speaks at a high overview level of humanity, but is translatable to everyday life. She is real, honest, relatable and inspirational.“

“Call her now! She’s real. The content is relevant and powerful.“

“I have read Jenny’s Manifesto For a Palms Up Leader so many times; it inspires me every time. And so do her words that describe with great warmth and honesty the challenges we face with the values of introspection and courage.”

"You do not have to identify as a Christian appreciate the raw unfiltered honesty and clarity in what she shares! Thank you, Jenny, for the love that you freely share."

"She continues to push her boundaries of growth and change to uncomfortable places. She values others, and is always looking to broaden her circle of truth. Her goal is to challenge each of us who encounter her words to grow where God leads and directs us. Take a chance, see if her thoughts and words might take you to unchartered territory in your life!"

“Jenny is a soul-full leader who communicates in beautiful, thoughtful, and brilliant ways. I am inspired by her depth of insight, willingness to be vulnerable, and commitment to palms up living. I always look forward to receiving her wisdom in my inbox as it helps me grow into the type of leader I want to be.”

“People should not come out of a spiritual retreat unchanged. They should have learned something new about themselves and their relationships with God and others. And/or they should have deepened their connections with the people there. They should laugh with each other and cry with each other. They should feel good about the experience at the time – and afterwards. They should feel that they aren’t done, at the end. The retreat should provide a safe space for them to be vulnerable to their pasts, and to the people around them. (For a personally comfortable level of vulnerability, of course.) The structure of the retreat should not allow naturally dominant personalities to dominate. Your leadership provided all that for us.“

“Personal experiences are the best touchstones for learning and sharing with others. Jenny’s ability to examine her own life and what needs direct attention – with palms up, is so very helpful to me.”

“Having work under Jenny’s leadership directly, I celebrate that her writing genuinely reflects the authentic ways she leads her team. Her writing is not just mere hypothetical suggestion. It is her actual practice. Know that the woman who shares her heart with you in words is the very same woman who would embrace you in person. Her impact on my work and personal faith journey have in unarguably life-changing. Everyone needs a 'Jenny' to stir their hearts into full, free aliveness. And now, because of her writing, that’s possible.”

"Jenny is a courageous woman who faces those things most of us run from. Her writing is vulnerable and brave and causes me to be curious about what she will write next. Jenny reminds me of Brene Brown in her writing and our world is so in need of people like her. You will be uplifted, challenged and renewed when you read Jenny's writing."